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How To Create Portal Effects on Videos

Creating a portal requires you to plan strategically. The very first thing you require is a model or stage with the right opening. On daily basis, the model and the phrase-makers are not usually sure about themselves, therefore as you create Portal Effects on Videos, you need to take care of your work. You need to assemble models ripped stage from the real video.

The first step is to load the exact wall where you will open the portal. Then go to the Materials tab and get the texture name that you would like for your portal. Go to the graphics editor and load texture in a graphics editor then cut in an oval-shaped hole on the texture. Under the texture, ensure it is volatile. In case it is not volatile, you need to add extra transparency to your images. You can use Layer of Transparency or alpha Channel to add the texture. Ensure you save the new textile before you continue.

If you do not save, the transparency will not stick. Go ahead and substitute your texture name with another name. At this point, a new wall with a hole appears, ensure you save to complete the step. At this point, you already have an opening which will work on your portal. The next thing is that you need to adorn it. On the video, an unattractive portal appears like an oval of either orange or blue fire.

Once the two portals are created, a new window to every portal’s counterpart is enclosed by a frame of correspondingly blue or orange fire. To envision the fire, you will need to several dummy models with a with a transparent texture which serves as a shell for modification. One part is oval while the other one is empty. Install the video and test to see whether it matches what you wanted.

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